Competitions and Tests

The Ames Figure skating Club hosts two United States Figure Skating sanctioned competitions per year. The competitions offer events for basic skill beginners through advanced USFS level as well as adult events. A USFS test session is held in conjunction with each competition.

Summer Iowa Games 
The Ames Figure Skating Club is the proud host for the Summer Iowa Games Figure Skating Events. This competition is held at the end of July. Check the Iowa Games website for competition information. Although the competition is a USFS sanction event State Games participants do not need to be USFS members. All coaches, however, must be registered with USFS in order to be admitted to staging areas (put a skater on the ice).

Iowa Games Homepage

Cyclone Country Championships

The Cyclone Country Championships will be held the first weekend of November at the Ames/ISU Ice Arena. This USFS sanctioned competition offers a variety of events of all levels and ages of skaters. Participants must be USFS basic skills or regular members. Coaches must be registered with USFS in order to put their skaters on the ice.

USFS Tests
Under the United Skates Figure Skating rules skaters competing at the Pre-preliminary level or higher must pass the corresponding USFS tests to be eligible to compete, though non qualifying competitions (those that do not lead to National Competition eligibility) often allow skates to compete one level higher than for which they are qualified through testing.

These tests are detailed in the USFS Test manual. Tests are skated in front of a panel of judges and skaters are scored on their performance. The majority of judges must give the skater passing scores in order for the skater to pass the test. Freestyle skaters must first pass a “Moves in the Field” test before they are eligible to take the Freeskate test at that level. Skaters must test each level in succession. Skaters may work for several months to several years to prepare for each test.

The Ames Figure Skating Club will host USFS test sessions in conjunction with the Summers Iowa Games and Fall Cyclone Country Championships.

For more information regarding the Ames Figure Skating Club competitions contact our competition chair: Candi Waelti-Johnson at

For more information regarding The Ames Figure Skating Club Tests contact our test chair Tami Wilson at