Spring Ice Shows

Each spring, the Ames Figure Skating Club produces an annual ice show. These extravaganzas feature great skating, beautiful costumes, entertaining choreography and fun music! All levels and ages of skaters are encouraged and welcomed to participate.

2018: Through the Looking Glass – Register Here

2017: Time Warp

2016: Skate the Big Apple

2015: Cine-Skate Movie Mania

2014: Once Upon a Toe Pick

2013: Skate the Red Carpet

2012: Trains, Planes & Toe Picks

2011: A Night on Broadway

2010: That 70′s Ice Show

2009: Skate Down the Yellow Brick Road

2008: Vacation ParadICE

2007: Ice, Camera, Action!

2006: Skate to the Stars: Dreams on Ice

2005: Red Ice and Blue

2004: Magic on Ice

2003: Voyage of the Ice Maiden…

2002: Bandannas, Boots & Blades-A Day at the State Fair

2001: A Night at the Oscars

2000: Thanks for the Memories

1999: Ice Storm

1998: Skate USA

1997: Soda Pop Skate Shop

1996: Broadway Blades

1995: Skating Through the Years

1994: A Night at the Movies