Learn To Skate

       Ames Figure Skating Club is proud to partner with Ames Minor Hockey Association!

 Ames Figure Skating Club’s Basic Skills Program promotes ice skating in the community by providing safe, fun and high-quality group instruction in accordance with United States Figure Skating.

The Ames Figure Skating Club is proud to offer the United States Figure Skating Association’s Learn to Skate program, “Skate with US!” Skating is one of the world’s greatest sports! A combination of athletics and artistry, skating can be very satisfying. Skating in Basic Skills is fun, challenging and rewarding. It can improve coordination and balance, stimulate your heart and circulation, relieve stress and tone muscles. Skating is also a good way to meet new friends!. Regardless of age, it is a great sport for everyone… children, teens, adults and seniors!

Classes are held for all ages and all skating levels Both adult and youth classes are offered. You do not need to know how to skate. Group lessons are taught in accordance with the USFSA Basic Skills program. It is recommended that you wear gloves, hats, and layered warm clothing to your lesson. Do not wear overly-thick socks…thin socks, tights or hose work fine. Lesson fees include instruction, ice time, rental skates and two public skating passes.
Questions? Please contact us at skateames@gmail.com or call (515) 520-2293

Must be ages 4 and up

Snowplow Sam: For the beginning tot with little or no experience.
Basic 1: For the person with little or no skating experience. Learn to skate across the ice and stop.
Basic 2: Learn the basics of forward and backward skating, one-foot glide, and turn from forward to backward.
Basic 3: Learn forward stroking, gliding backwards on one foot, and a two-foot spin.
Basic 4: Forward crossovers, forward outside and inside edges on a circle, and forward outside three-turns.
Basic 5: Backward outside and inside edges on a circle, backward crossovers, T-stops, and a one-foot spin.
Basic 6: Forward inside three-turns, backward to forward two-foot turn, bunny hops, hockey stops, forward spirals, and lunges.
Basic 7: Forward mohawks, ballet jump, backward crossovers to backward edge.
Basic 8: Moving forward outside and inside three-turns, waltz jump, mazurkas, and forward inside pivots.
Adult: Teen through senior citizens can enjoy learning beginner through advanced skills.

Hockey 1-4: Fundamentals of hockey to help maneuver faster and be more agile on the ice. All elements will be taught without sticks.